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Wow, what a hiatus!

We haven’t been posting for a few months now— partly because we’re super busy, and partly because one of Tru4ia’s lovely co-founders, Kelly Clayton, has been putting all her creativity and style into planning her wedding!

But spring has arrived, and (despite the strange ups and downs of the weather) I’m optimistic that soon it will be warm, and it’s about time we add a splash of color and flair to your dashboard!

About a year or so ago, I picked up a dazzling jade-colored dress at Elizabethtown’s Lights of Hope. I have no idea what era to attribute it to— but it’s sewn from some soft synthetic fabric that almost changes hues in the light. The knee-length skirt ripples outward beautifully when I spin. It has a simple bodice that stretches up into a high collar, and sleeves that drape gently outward and taper off at an angle. But the most stunning part of this dress? It’s backless. Not indecency-waiting-to-happen backless, but an elegant shape created as the high collar buttons at the nape of my neck, with seven of the same shimmery buttons making their way up my lower back.

I hadn’t had a suitable place to wear it…until this weekend. Last night my darling took me dancing in Glen Echo, where I got to sway and twirl to the Blues in this dress. I donned it again this morning to attend a lovely Easter mass! This dress is modest and comfortable, and I feel positively regal when I wear it.

What do you think? :)

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide for Your Guy

Ladies you have been busy. Not only are you either studying real hard for those finals, or working REAL hard at your job - you have been what seems to be EXTRA busy this holiday season.  Shopping, baking, more shopping and mental preparing for Les Miserables (hits theaters on Christmas Day!) has been wearing you out.  You have gotten THE BEST gifts for everyone on your list: Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Your Roomie, Neighbor, for everyone.

Oh crap. You totally forgot - your man.  It happens to the best of us. You forgot to get something for your sweetie pie.  No worries - this is the exact reason why blogs exist, because we are always thinking two steps ahead.  

We have done our research and we have found that guys love plaid! Excuse me, let me rephrase that! Girls love guys in plaid, therefore guys SHOULD love plaid! You can’t really go wrong giving your man a plaid shirt. They are comfy, look awesome with a tie and can be worn for a lazy Saturday or a cute little date.  It is a win win! 

We have listed a few winning plaid shirts from Vineyard Vines that your boo will love.  These aren’t your typical plaid shirts that he is going to receive from Granda (no offense Grandma, I love your gifts).  But these plaid shirts are quality pieces that he will be able to use all the time.  

The best part about these shirts is that all you need is to get him one and your done! It is that easy - seriously, it is!

Be sure to check out the Vineyard Vines collection from Darien Sport Shops for more awesome pieces that you can get for your man.  He is going to look plaidtastic!

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Dress pants, hoodie, rain boots - A college girl’s guide to dress slacks

I have a story to share with you. When I was in college (many, many years ago) I had this roommate. She was extremely smart, a hard worker, dedicated to everything she did AND had a slight obsession with dress pants.  She had at least 10 pairs of dress pants in her closet and would have no problem wearing them almost everyday.  Now, if she was working in a bank, or some sort of corporate job, this would be considered totally normal, but for a college student who is running around to classes, clubs and everything else, dress pants were not the normal go to comfort piece.  Other students rocked the sweats, leggings, jeggings, jeans and just about anything and everything OTHER than dress pants.  Oh - she would wear her dress pants with blazers, button-down shirts, sweaters and even the occasional hoodie (I’m not kidding).  One time she missed her alarm, threw on her trusty dress pants, hoodie and rain boots and called it an outfit! But I digress. The point that I wanted to make with this story is that dress pants are important, and while the idea of wearing them everyday is somewhat crazy, all women need to have at least two really great pairs of dress pants! 

I have come across some truly awesome dress pants.  The key to finding a great dress pant is making sure they are a good fit and hit your curves in all the right spots.  Nothing is worse than too tight pants that make you not only look bigger but also unprofessional.  The Ecru line of dress pants are designed to make your legs look long and lean.  They all have a higher waist so to help keep things tucked away (you know what I mean).  They also come in flare, boot cut and skinny to form with any body shape.  They come in the essential colors of black, charcoal, navy and taupe.  These dress slacks are the perfect combination of style and comfort!

So whether you want a great pair of dress pants to strut around campus with OR for that big interview you have coming up – you can’t go wrong with Ecru!

This post is dedicated to my dearest friend and Maid of Honor, Allyson.

(Source: dressslacks)

Our EIC and her fiance attempted to recreate The Notebook for Halloween this year. She even found shoes just like Allie’s!! What do you guys think of their looks? 

Our EIC and her fiance attempted to recreate The Notebook for Halloween this year. She even found shoes just like Allie’s!! What do you guys think of their looks? 

Check it out!

I’ve always thought I wasn’t a sweatpants girl…but apparently (according to tru4ia fashion definitions) this season, I am! :D Corduroys are the new sweatpants.

In a wild coincidence with today’s earlier post, I recently acquired a pair of burnt orange corduroys. AND, a few weeks ago, wore them out with a sweater that I suppose could be defined as “awful, yet at the same time amazing.” ;)

I put a white button-up beneath this thrifted knit and let the collar pop out over the dark neck of the sweater. Because these particular corduroys are slightly short in the leg, I wore grey dress socks (to keep my ankles warm, and look stylish!). I laced up my pair of brown wingtip shoes— another thrifting find— to complete the look.

What do you think? Will comfy corduroys work their way into your winter wardrobe? :]


The Season’s Sweatpants: Corduroy’s

You just woke up. Crap. Already running 15 minutes late to class. Yes you can throw on those University sweatpants that you already wore twice this week.  Yes you can do this, along with at least half of your Econ class that you will be rolling in 10 minutes late to, or you can switch it up and make a statement WHILE still being super comfy.  The key is corduroy’s.  Corduroy’s are not just for Bill Cosby to wear with some awful yet at the same time amazing sweater. 

Corduroy’s are for you. They are for those overslept mornings where you need something quick and comfy.  So instead of grabbing for the yoga or sweatpants that are ever so neatly crumpled on the floor, go into your closet (it will only take you an extra second) and pull out your corduroy’s!

Here’s Why: 

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The First Snow of the Year (in PA!)

Today is one of those days where I am extremely fortunate to have an office with a window, and not just any window, but an entire wall of windows.  Although sitting right next to a huge window means that I have to layer up and sometimes wear gloves while working (yes, I am not joking)  - being able to see the outdoors is well worth my freezing fingers!

Today it snowed/is still snowing!  Leaves are on the ground, the trees are an array of wonderful colors and now there is snow. I am usually not a big fan of the cold and winter months, but I was just overwhelmed with joy when I saw the big flurry flakes falling from the sky.  I think I was excited to see snow because I know that this means I can start wearing thick knits, winter coats, hats and start listening to Christmas Music!!

 In order to start prepping for winter, I think it is important to invest in some cold gear.  If you went though college, I am sure you know by now the brand The North Face.  The North Face has made themselves popular by being on the body of nearly every college student in the form of a fleece jacket, not to mention Facebook  CEO Mark Zuckerberg used to rock one every day paired with his Adidas slides – so if that isn’t style I don’t know what is.  But anyways, I digress. 

 The North Face is known for specializing in gear that can withstand the harshest of the harsh.  If you are going on a trip to Alaska anytime soon, you better get some North Face gear!  What I want to talk to you about is practical winter items that are good investments for your closet and wallet. 


First up we have the hat.  One can never go wrong with a classic pom pom beanie hat. It has cuteness snow bunny written all over it.  The great thing about this Butters Beanie is that it comes in white (which will go with everything) and is made of Acrylic and wool, so it is not only durable but warm! 

 Next we have the Transit Jacket.  This jacket breaks down the winter jacket to its basics.  Its warm, easy to move in, stylish and did I mention warm.  This is a jacket that will look great with skinny jeans and boots or can be worn on hikes and outdoor fitness activities.  Oh and don’t worry – the hood can come off too!

 Lastly we have the Zip Up Hoodie. The hoodie might be the most worn piece of clothing in America. I think it would be safe to say that 90% of this country owns a hoodie, and a zip up one, well, that’s just a cherry on top! The zip up hoodie can be worn as a jacket on cool fall days or it can be worn as another layer on those snowy days (like today!)  What is so cool about this zip up is that it is SUPER light but yet very warm and its pockets were designed to hold cell phones and iPods (talk about customization!)  This is an item that you will find yourself wearing everywhere.  Taking out the trash, errands, at work to keep warm (if you have big windows), and just about anywhere else.  It’s easy to throw on and will look great, too!

 The final tid-bit about The North Face apparel is that they have a lifetime guarantee, so if an item rips, breaks, combusts, whatever it may be – you can send it back and they will replace it FOR FREE! Pretty cool, eh? You bet it’s pretty cool.  So before you go out and get your winter gear at a department store, look to The North Face for your needs.  Just think of shopping at The North Face as a lifetime investment in your well being!

 Happy Hump/First Snow of the Year Day!

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Have you voted today?! Get out and vote, it’s important!

Have you voted today?! Get out and vote, it’s important!

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Fashion Smash: 4 Easy Ways to Transition from Summer to Fall

The leaves have changed, apple cider is on the menu at Starbucks and the Department stores are filled with Halloween, Thanksgiving and even Christmas decorations.  Fall is here. While Fall might be a great time to stock up on chunky knits and decorative tights, it is also a time to stretch your creativity and see what you can take from your Summer wardrobe and make work for Fall. 

We have outlined four easy ways to turn that summer dress into a smashing fall look!

 Power Blazer

All blazers are from Lily Pultizer

Blazers are amazing pieces of clothing.  They take any look from shabby to chic with just a simple jacket, and this season colorful and fun jackets are really a hit! While the classic fall colors (burgundy, navy, Forrest green and mustard yellow) are always in season – bright colored blazers are also making their way into stores all over.   Lily Pulitzer has this awesome line of colored blazers that is sure to make a statement and can be paired with any dress or pants to dress up an outfit!  These blazers are perfect for the Summer or Fall to rock at that internship or office job, and will do great for a night out on the town.  For extra warmth, add a patterned scarf to the mix (but be sure to keep the scarf in the same color family!)

Tights, Tights, Tights and more Tights

Lily Pultizer Dress

The most basic and easiest way to take a summer dress or skirt and make it work for Fall is to add a pair of opaque tights. You can never go wrong with throwing a pair of plain black tights under a summer dress with some flats and calling it.  The simplicity of a summer dress can still be maintained with tights – making it a great look for a day of errands or just a Flea Market Saturday.  For extra warmth add a cardigan, or denim jacket.

  Just Add Boots

I can’t tell you how many times I am stuck on an outfit and then it comes to me, “Just add boots!”  This is something that I have learned from the wonderful TV show Friday Night Lights. Those Southern Bells really know how to work a cowboy boot with a summer dress.  It is always a good investment to have a few pairs of neutral colored boots.  Look for either riding boots, or something simple looking (sorry Ugg fans, but they won’t work – keep them for your lazy, sweat pant days!) 

4.     Layers

When you have those shorts, skirts and dresses, just think to yourself what can you add. Don’t be shy to toss a chunky sweater over that dress or to add a funky scarf. When adding layers, be sure that things are in the same color pattern and don’t get too crazy with patterns. Feel free to mix patterns (right now we love the stripe and floral combo!)

*All dresses and blazers in this post were from Lily Pultizer

(Source: lilypultizer)

Here at Tru(4)ia we are ALL ABOUT supporting local artists and young strong women entrepreneurs. Well, we have been lucky enough to find BOTH in Caitlin! Caitlin is from San Fran, Cali and is working very hard at starting up her own iPhone case company!  She has created a line of unique, colorful and inspiring iPhone cases with her brother.  The cases are perfect for anyone looking to break the mold and make a statement with their iPhone!  She is currently raising money through the ever-so-wonderful fundraising platform, Kickstarter (remember, when Tru(4)ia fundraised, it was great!)

Caitlin’s company Something Sunny is almost at their goal, so check out their page and see if you can pledge just $6 (that’s all!)

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We found “The Good Life”

I have discovered something great. Excuse me, let me rephrase that. I have discovered THE BEST online shop. Yes, coming from a 22 year old girl, I find “the best” online shop just about everyday - but no, this is serious. is a brick and mortar based in Connecticut turned online shop that sells everything from Burberry to Sperry to  Girl Scouts (ah, those were the good ‘ol days).  

Anyways - Darien Sports specializes in those must-have brands, trend-setting pieces, the classic fashion staples and of course sporting equipment and gear.  They are a true family owned and operated business that has been in the biz since 1946!  They still gift wrap FOR FREE!

What is most special about Darien Sport is that they have brands that I have never heard of! My latest obsession is the Vineyard Vines brand.  Check out their TOTALLY cute slogan and mascot (a pink whale!)

Vineyard Vines is a uber-preppy clothing line for men, women and children that started off with two guys selling ties out of their Jeep Wrangler. Whether you are looking for that perfect pullover sweater for a day on the chilly golf course, or want a fun tie to brighten up you work week, Vineyard Vines has it all!  

For the women, Vineyard Vines has comfy long sleeve tees, vests, rain coats and the cutest pajamas! The pjs were my personal favorite item because they have little whales on them and come on, who doesn’t love whales?  The pajama pants are actually described on their website as “Lazy pants” and they are made from 95% cotton, so they are definitely perfect for lounging around the house and staying warm during these chilly Fall days.  

But don’t forget about the little ones.  Vineyard Vines offers cool yet casual polos, t-shirts, pullover sweatshirts and seersucker shorts and pants for the 15-and-under crowd.  Look how cute this striped polo is (talk about Halloween meets nautical!) Also, the children’s collection includes flagship t-shirts with the Vineyard Vines coastal casual logo, which is as simple yet memorable!

And you know what’s so great about the Vineyard Vines collection? It is made to last. These are QUALITY pieces that can go with anything and that can be worn time and time again without being worn down.  Vineyard Vines and Darien Sports live and sell their clothing by the motto “The Good Life”.  Here at Tru(4)ia, that is a motto we just love.  We strive to help you achieve your own definition of the good life, and the Vineyard Vines collection wants to provide the clothing for your good life.  We are just so excited to have stumbled upon and know that it will be a site we visit frequently for inspiration and shopping therapy (we have already bookmarked it!)

So, go out and live YOUR good life, and be sure to check out the Vineyard Vines collection at, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. 

(Source: vineyardvines)

The Chic Challenge

Today I had a splendid time dressing up a bit for my Field Placement. Sometimes, when going a bit formal, it’s fun to take a piece that would usually be worn for a very different setting and making it work in a whole new look. In this case, I used a fitted floral top that I picked up in a department store a few weeks ago. I’m not much for anything skimpy, so I liked the idea of using the top for classy outfits.

I tucked the shirt into a pair of black wide-leg pants and added a plain yellow belt with a white hook. The ruffled grey blazer keeps things sleek and professional (and I think it’s really cute :D). I added my black espadrilles to highlight the long lines of the outfit. I kept jewelry simple with a silver cross necklace, and braided my hair to one side to hold it away from my face while working in the classroom.

Overall, the look made me feel spiffy and rather elegant. :] I hope your Tuesday was wonderful!


Check out how we rocked the fall look in the office today! What do you think of these vintage burgundy leather boots?

Check out how we rocked the fall look in the office today! What do you think of these vintage burgundy leather boots?

Rainy Tuesday

We all have those mornings when we wake up, draw back the curtains, and find that the world is grey and damp. But that’s no need to dress down! Remember this?

Well, I’m going to take rainy-day style in another direction. Today I put on a ruffled floral dress (picked up on a grand Goodwill trip) and buttoned a pleated khaki skirt over it. To face the chilly weather, I added ribbed india-green stockings.

For footwear, I put on a pair of soft brown ballet flats with ruffled toes (NOTE: Not my best choice. By the end of all my classes, they were soaked through— they look two shades lighter in this picture! I advise that if you aren’t wearing some sort of boots, go for shoes that are at least made of water-repellant material. Lesson learned!)

Also, to keep warm and protect my skirt/silky dress, I put on my black-and-white polka dot jacket. It has a wide collar, buttons in at the waist, and flairs out for an adorable a-line look.

My accessories were simple: I hooked on a thin gold necklace, so as not to overpower the decorative ruffles. Sadly, the belt of the dress frayed and came off…but I took a section of the patterned material and tied it around my side ponytail. Lovely, no?

Have fun, and enjoy the rain! :]


Happy Monday!

Ladies and gentlemen, I picked up this vibrant silky blazer from a thrift shop in Waynesburg for only fifty cents (along with a wild sweater and a pair of high-waisted shorts…bringing my purchase to a total of two dollars! Talk about a thrifting success :D)

I decided to debut the blazer this week, to spruce up my Monday.

After cutting out the oversized shoulder pads, I’m wearing it belted with a cummerbund over a black cami and pencil skirt. I pulled my hair back in a tight bun, and strapped on a pair of black espadrilles. I accessorized with a simple dark cord celtic necklace. The blazer’s pattern is an interesting mix of geometric and floral, and the warm orange, gold, and dusty green reflect colors of the fast-approaching autumn :)

And now there’s a personal challenge for this year…what other great finds can I scoop for less than a dollar?